Buy or Lease ?


Each module can be purchased as a perpetual single licence without any dongle. If you wish to use your license without any internet connection, the software will be supplied with a dongle.

After 12 months, we will propose for you to renew the maintenance services which includes support & upgrades. If you do not wish to renew it, you will be free to continue using your current version of Pointcarre for as long as it lasts, but without upgrades or support services.

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Lease (Yearly Subscription)

You can lease the Pro Design package, Pro Weave package and 3D Mapping on an annual basis and benefit from included upgrades and support during the rental period. Each year, you will decide whether to renew the lease or end using Pointcarre software. Leased versions of Pointcarre require access to an internet connection.

Pro Design

$ 3000

per year

  Pantone® TPX / TCX
  Repeat modes
  Color Management
  Color Separation
  Color Variation
  Knit Stiches
  Library of effects
  Fabric simulation
  4000 weaves library
  200 yarns library
  Artwork gallery
  Technical cards

Pro Weave

$ 3000

per year

  Design tools
  Repeat mode
  Pantone® TPX / TCX
  Color management
  Full Jacquard weaving
  Full Dobby weaving
  Fabric simulations
  Yarns library
  4000 weaves library
  Weaving cost
  Technical card
  Harness tie
  Loom interfaces

3D Mapping

$ 3000

per year

  Repeat Modes
  Resize pattern
  Pantone® TPX / TCX
  3D grid
  Perspective set up
  Free rotation
  Live simulation


$ 1500

for 120 days access

  Full web access
  Unlimited attendees
  Interactive exercices
  Multi-language courses
  Video tutorials
  Templates library